Family Home Evening Chart

$ 85.00

One our favorite and most meaningful weekly family traditions is Family Home Evening.  We gather as a family on Monday nights to sing, study, learn, counsel, play and eat.  We rotate assignments and it's strengthened our family and is something we all look forward to.  To learn more about Family Home Evening, click here.

This solid wood chart can hang anywhere in your house.  It's created to allow you to fully customize the chart.  The background is chalkboard so that you can write the different family home evening assignments. The wood tiles are meant for the names of your family members and are attached (and can be moved) with black velcro command strips.

  • 26" x 9" x 1"
  • Solid wood
  • Hanging wire on the back
  • Chalkboard backing
  • Stained wood tiles
  • Black velcro command strips