Winter Bucket List Calendar

$ 22.00

Winter is in full swing, but are you living it to the fullest?  With so many commitments and things vying for your time, it’s easy to let the season pass without fitting in all your favorite traditions.

We’ve created a one-of-a-kind bucket list calendar system that helps you plan out your holidays to ensure you’re fitting in the fun activities you want to.  This oversized calendar is the perfect command station for your family activities, vacations, commitments, and outings.  Everyone will be able to see what's on the schedule and when the fun winter activities can be plugged in.

The best part?  You can easily move around and change the activity cards if your schedule changes.  It’s also a fun exercise for you and your kids to look back and see all the fun things you’ve done and will do for the season.

This is a digital product that you'll be able to download instantly via email.  The package includes:

  • December, January, and February calendars to be printed as 24" x 36" oversized prints
  • 48 activity cards in muted winter colors
  • Detailed instructions for how to print your oversized calendars and a print release