Whether you're searching for that perfect gift for someone who loves to cook, loves to eat, or is just hard to shop for, a foodie gift bag is a unique and sure-to-please option.  Not only does the Food Canvas Tote Bag provide a great vessel to fill, it is sturdy and durable enough to use for family picnics or trips to the grocery store.  All of the fillers I selected for this gift bag can be purchased at World Market.

 Foodie Gift Guide ideas


1. Eat Cutting Board Wall Decor - $25

This wall decor is the definition of rustic modern and would fit beautifully into a variety of homes.  The wood and metal combo adds texture and interest.

2. Red Stripe Linen Napkins - $6 each

Good-quality napkins are often something people don't purchase themselves, but love to have around the house for nice dinners.  These linen napkins with red stripe detail are classic and festive.

3. Mini Whisk - $1 (only available to purchase in-store)

How adorable is this mini whisk?  It's also extremely useful when you're mixing up something small like a sing-serving salad dressing or one egg.

4. Copper Measuring Cups - $10

Fun and stylish, these copper measuring cups will make anyone feel extra fancy when they're whipping up a batch of cookies.

5. Food Canvas Tote Bag - $10

Durable and machine-washable with a gusset bottom, this canvas tote bag is hefty enough to store heavy groceries and makes the perfect gift bag!

6. Mini Colander - $3 (only available to purchase in-store)

This mini colander is the perfect size for washing berries or rising a can of beans when you don't want to get an entire colander dirty.  Comes in a variety of colors in-store.

8. Madras Oval Basket - $10

Baskets are always useful in the kitchen.  Whether for holding napkins, silverware, or rolls, they effortlessly add a touch of design to any dinner party.

6. Peppermint White Chocolate Caramel Popcorn - $4

No foodie basket is complete without some food!  This peppermint popcorn is festively delicious and will be devoured immediately.


A great foodie gift bag starts with the Food Canvas Tote.

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*Special thanks to Erin of Meaningful Eats who made the mini whisk and colander recommendations.

*I listed full prices, but these will likely be on sale during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

*Prices subject to change at any time.

Brittney Hanks

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