Family gifts can be challenging.  You don't want things that only appeal to little kids and you don't want to just cater to parents.  A simple and thoughtful solution is to assemble a family game tote bag.  Start with our Toys Canvas Tote Bag and everything else you need to fill it can be found at Target.  As an added bonus, you don't have to worry about wrapping.  Just throw everything into our sturdy, classic tote bag, tie a bow around it, and you're done.

Family Holiday Gift Guide Canvas Tote Bag Target

1. Classic Wood Block Cart - $5 (found in the dollar spot section)

Nothing beats classic wood toys.  These were in the dollar spot section and are a great addition to a family gift bag.

2. Rustic Jenga - $20

Jenga is a family-friendly classic game that everyone will love.  It's great for all ages and you'll love the design of this rustic version found only at Target.

3. Toys Canvas Tote Bag - $10

Durable and machine-washable with a gusset bottom, this canvas tote bag is hefty enough to carry your heaviest games and toys and makes the perfect gift bag!

4. Bananagrams - $10

One of our family favorites!  Similar to Scrabble, this letter tile game is portable and entertaining for early readers and adults.

5. Plush Monkeys - $10 (found in the stuffed animal/toy section)

A plush, soft stuffed animal is always a great gift bag addition and will be instantly cuddled and played with.

6. Rustic Connect 4 - $18

Connect 4 is another great family game!  Even young children can understand the premise of the game and this wooden version only available at Target will be around for years.


A great family gift bag starts with the Toy Canvas Tote.

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*The couple toys with no link are only available in Target stores and not online.  I listed full prices, but these will likely be on sale during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

*Prices subject to change at any time.

Brittney Hanks

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