Planting grass in your house is a great way to usher in spring.  It's also very easy to do, which is important if you're terrible at keeping plants alive like me!  The grass seeds sprout quickly and it's a fun activity for kids to get involved in.  

3 easy steps to grow indoor grass

Here are the three easy steps to planting and growing your own indoor grass.

How to plant indoor grass

You can really plant grass in ANY container that will hold soil and seeds.  We chose this year to use all glass jars because it's fun to watch the root system grow.  Some other fun ideas are baskets and hollowed out egg shells.

How to plant grass indoors

You'll need some indoor potting mix and seed.  I grabbed mine at Walmart, but they can also easily be found at home improvement stores or nurseries.  This is the potting mix I got, and these are the seeds I picked up.  

When selecting seed, you want to get a deep shade mix if your plants will be in an area that doesn't receive direct sunlight.  You'll have plenty of dirt and seeds left over, so share with a friend!

Refer to the directions on the package, but you'll want at least 3-4 inches of soil on the bottom of your containers, then a generous sprinkle of seeds covering the surface of the soil.  Cover your seeds with another 1/4" of soil and you're ready to go!

plant grass indoors

Until the seeds sprout (in 3-5 days) you'll want to make sure the top soil doesn't dry out, but don't overwater!  Just keep it lightly moist.  After the grass sprouts, you'll only need to water a couple times a week.

Hope you enjoy your indoor grass as much as we do!  It sure makes it feel like spring around here.

Brittney Hanks

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