Shopping for a loved one who enjoys spending time outdoors in the yard/garden?  Not sure which are the best, tried-and-true tools to gift?  You're in luck because I've solicited the help on this gardening gift guide from Carly of The Garden Spot.  Not only is Carly a Horticulture Graduate, she's an avid gluten-free cook and shares great tips and recipes on her blog and Instagram page.  This Gardening Canvas Tote gift bag that Carly put together will be sure to please any outdoor enthusiast. 


Gardening Gift Guide


1. Garden Gloves - $20 for a 4-pack

These are my go-to gloves. They have a nice tight fit and grippy hands which make them very easy to work in.

2. Leaf Scoops - $9

These are life changing. Whether its scooping up leaves, or any yard pile, they are absolutely MAGICAL. If I could recommend one fall yard tool, this would be it!

3. Action Hoe - $16

Sometimes called a hula-hoe, stir-up hoe, or horseshoe hoe. This tool is a must for any gardener! It makes weeding large areas very quick and easy. 

4. Inexpensive Screwdriver - $1

Every gardener needs an inexpensive screwdriver. These make the perfect weeder for those pesky weeds with long tap roots! I love using this to get dandelions out of my lawn.

5. Gardening Canvas Tote Bag - $10

Durable and machine-washable with a gusset bottom, this canvas tote bag is hefty enough to store heavy gardening tools and makes the perfect gift bag!

6. Hand Trowell - $10

A good hand trowel can be a gardener's best friend. I prefer a slender trowel like this one. I find that it makes transplanting more simple.

7. Bypass Hand Pruners - $20

Any gardener knows, a good pair of pruning shears is very important. These small handle held bypass pruners are small enough to carry around with you whilst you tidy up the yard.

8. Lawn and Leaf Bag - $20

Another one of my all time favorites! The thing I love most about the lawn and leaf bag, is that it collapses to almost flat which makes it very convenient to store when not in use! I also like that it is small enough for me to drag around the yard, especially when I’m cleaning up leaves!


A great gardening gift bag starts with the Gardening Canvas Tote.

Gardening Canvas Tote Bag


*Prices subject to change at any time.

*Special thanks to Carly of The Garden Spot for providing these awesome gardening recommendations and commentary

Brittney Hanks

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